California Employer Class Action Defense Attorney:

Providing Personalized Representation

Who you choose to represent you in an employment class action case can make the difference between a successful resolution and devastating results.  Class action cases can raise a variety of legal theories, and the procedural maneuverings are complex.  The right California employer class action defense attorney is adept at sorting through these issues, which will go a long way in reducing your stress level.  The Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC specialize in class action cases providing employers with steadfast, personalized representation.

Rely on a Seasoned California Employer Class Action Defense Attorney

Employment class action lawsuits are a drain on company resources and finances, not to mention a distraction in the workplace.  The variety of claims that can be raised and the number of employees involved make these cases complicated and difficult to address.  A verdict in favor of the represented class can result in substantial monetary payouts, negative publicity and reduced employee morale.  An experienced California employer class action defense attorney like Susan A. Rodriguez guides clients through this demanding process while providing aggressive defense counsel.

A California Employer Class Action Defense Attorney Understands This is Not a Typical Employment Law Case

The substantive issues raised in class action and individual employment law cases are often the same:  wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, equal pay, and termination wage disputes to name a few.  Class action cases, however, also require litigation of certain procedural issues such as certification of the class and whether the case must be referred to arbitration rather than decided by a court.  Because of these additional steps and the increased number of claimants, class action lawsuits are more difficult to manage and typically last longer than individual suits.

Employers need experienced California employer class action defense counsel who not only has a command of the legal issues but possesses the resources and technology to handle the expansive discovery that is commonplace in class action cases.  The Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC fulfill these needs, and its attorneys possess the business acumen to help your organization thrive while defending against employer class action lawsuits.

Class Action or PAGA Claim?
We Handle Both

In California, employees have an additional means for bringing a representative action.  The state’s Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) empowers individual employees to file claims for civil penalties on behalf of themselves, their fellow employees and the State of California.  Claims under PAGA for violations of the state’s Labor Code cover a myriad of legal requirements.

PAGA claims differ from class action suits in two significant ways.   First, only civil penalties can be awarded, and, second, individual employees can represent a class of employees without meeting the stricter requirements for establishing a class action.  While these distinctions are significant, one commonality is the complex nature of both types of claims.

Whether responding to a PAGA administrative investigation or defending a PAGA claim in court, you need a specialized PAGA defense attorney on your side.

Focusing on Your Success

The nature of class action cases requires a knowledgeable, reliable employer class action defense attorney to anticipate and handle all aspects of the case.  Susan A. Rodriguez and her team are passionate about protecting their clients’ rights and defending them against allegations of wrongdoing. Every case is unique, and every client receives a personalized, tailored defense.

With close to 30 years of experience in representing California employers, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC have the depth of knowledge, tenacity and commitment for successfully defending against employer class action lawsuits.  To discuss your case with a California employer class action defense attorney at our firm, complete this online form or call (213) 943-1323.


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