Los Angeles Local Counsel 

with Employment Law Experience

California employment law is complex and requires experience to navigate.  Problems inevitably occur despite employers’ efforts to comply with the numerous employment laws and regulations.  Lead attorneys with cases in southern California can rely on Los Angeles local counsel at the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC for assistance in providing an effective defense when issues arise and a firm grasp of constantly changing labor laws and statutes.

Los Angeles Local Counsel Knows California Employment Law

Your local counsel in Los Angeles needs to have broad knowledge of employment law to provide guidance through a number of issues.  California employment attorney Susan A. Rodriguez assists lead attorneys in the following employment law practice areas:

By concentrating entirely on the facets of California employer defense law, Susan A. Rodriguez provides clients with steadfast, personalized and knowledgeable representation.

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Local Counsel in Los Angeles for Class Action Defense

Class Action lawsuits are some of the most complex cases in employment law, as a variety of legal theories can be addressed.  These cases also require complicated procedural maneuvers, calling for an attorney adept in the practice area and familiar with local court procedures and rules.  While an ongoing lawsuit is distracting and expensive, a verdict not favoring the employer can lead to catastrophic financial loss, negative publicity, and poor employee morale.  Choosing the correct Southern California local counsel will help prevent this outcome and steer the company toward a satisfying resolution.

PAGA: Southern California Local Counsel

For attorneys not licensed in California or with practice areas other than employment law, Los Angeles local counsel with experience in the Private Attorneys General Act is essential.  PAGA allows those employed in the state of California to seek civil penalties for themselves, fellow workers, and the State of California.

A California Employment Attorney for DFEH Complaints

Susan A. Rodriguez is an experienced California employment attorney who also serves clients facing complaints under the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), California’s civil rights agency.  Protections regulated by DFEH greatly exceed those offered by federal or other states’ laws, making employers more vulnerable to litigation.  Southern California local counsel with extensive knowledge and experience can provide invaluable guidance to help lead attorneys navigate local courts and the California legal system.

Los Angeles Local Counsel with Litigation Experience

Susan A. Rodriguez has a depth of experience as a California employment attorney gained from representing companies based all over the world.  In addition to representing employers in the California state courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the Los Angeles local counsel has brought employment issues before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) and the DFEH.

Additionally, the team at the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC has represented companies before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the United States Department of Labor (DOL).

Experience litigating in this variety of venues means Susan and her team understand California and federal courts, and the team uses that knowledge to advise and guide lead counsel and ultimately better protect employers.

Southern California Local Counsel for Reliable Employer Defense

Success in employer defense cases is dependent on a strong attorney-client relationship and open communication.  Employers benefit from the ongoing advice of a legal team determined to protect the company through any changes in the law, often avoiding litigation that wastes time and money.  The Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC have built a successful practice by understanding employment law and employers and by providing reliable legal guidance in employer defense for more than three decades.

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Southern California Local Counsel Represents Employers Worldwide

For more than 30 years, mid- to large-sized southern California employers have depended on Susan A. Rodriguez and her associates for Los Angeles local counsel and representation.  The law firm’s results-oriented, cooperative approach to employer defense legal services sets it apart.  By specializing in PAGA, wage and hour disputes and class action claims, her team has assisted both privately held and publicly traded companies to defend their interests.  Contact the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC to secure local counsel in Los Angeles and all of Southern California by calling (213) 943-1323 or completing the law firm’s online contact form.


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