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Being a defendant in a complex litigation case such as a class action lawsuit is a situation that all employers hope to avoid.  In California, employers have the additional concern of claims brought under the state’s Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”).  Defending against PAGA claims requires an experienced PAGA defense attorney who not only understands the system but also can advise clients before such claims arise.  The Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC has the experience, personnel and resources to provide California employers an effective defense against PAGA claims and more.

Why Hire a PAGA Defense Attorney

PAGA allows California employees to seek civil penalties on behalf of themselves, their fellow workers and the State of California.  Responding to a PAGA claim can be tricky given the scope and complexity of the statute.  Additionally, an employer can face significant penalties if the employee prevails.  A PAGA defense attorney is essential to an effective response.  Susan A. Rodriguez and her colleagues understand PAGA’s intricacies and have years of experience vigorously defending their clients’ interests to resolve claims brought against employers.

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The Breadth of PAGA Claims Requires an Adept PAGA Defense Attorney

PAGA authorizes individual employees to seek civil penalties for certain violations of the California Labor Code including, but not limited to the following:

The Act allows employees multiple inroads for attacking an employer’s business practices.

PAGA is troubling for three reasons.  First, employees are empowered to pursue representative claims without meeting the stricter requirements of class action lawsuits; second, penalty awards are magnified because they are calculated on a per employee, per pay period basis; and third, prevailing employees may be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Given the high stakes, financially and reputationally, retaining an accomplished attorney such as Susan A. Rodriguez to defend against PAGA claims is a good business decision.

Early Retention of
a PAGA Defense Attorney is Wise

To pursue penalties under PAGA, employees must first exhaust administrative remedies by filing a claim with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (“LWDA”).  Employees must complete specific forms, pay the requisite fees and provide detailed allegations.  Employers then have the opportunity to respond and possibly “cure” alleged violations.

If the LWDA or other relevant agency declines to investigate the claim or fails to respond to the employee, the employee has the right to file a lawsuit in state court.

Responding to and defending against administrative claims is not as straightforward as it may appear.  Further, if an employee is authorized to file a complaint in court, the employer will face an entirely new set of challenges.  Attorneys with experience in PAGA claim defense are indispensable to ensuring that an employer explores all avenues of resolution and considers all relevant defenses, such as the manageability of the lawsuit.

Retaining an experienced attorney to defend against PAGA claims early in the process ensures you are in capable hands.

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How the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez Can Help

While we know employers do their best to comply with the numerous California employment-related laws, it only takes one disgruntled employee to start the ball rolling and institute a PAGA claim implicating numerous other employees.  To make sure that the necessary steps are taken to guard against such complaints, employers should engage a PAGA attorney before they need to defend against PAGA claims.

At the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC, we proactively work with clients to identify problem areas, develop a plan to remediate any issues and monitor on-going processes to avoid future problems.

Employers who retain the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC to defend against PAGA claims receive strategic, personal representation.  Susan A. Rodriguez and her colleagues meticulously review every case to determine if all the statutory filing requirements are met, tenaciously defend against any allegations and preserve the client’s rights.

Experience Means Everything

When faced with a PAGA claim, hiring a PAGA defense attorney may be the difference between a successful or disastrous outcome.  For close to 30 years, Susan A. Rodriguez has successfully assisted California employers with all of their employment law needs and her clients return for her sage advice and unparalleled litigation skills over and over again.

Susan and her team are dedicated, results-driven attorneys who possess a deep understanding of and experience in PAGA claim defense and the resources to ably manage each client’s case.  To see how the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC can help you with your PAGA claims, complete the convenient online form below or call (213) 943-1323.


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