What to Expect

from an Experienced Los Angeles Employment Claims Defense

What To Expect from an Experienced Los Angeles Employment Claims Defense

Why should business owners and human resource professionals seek the counsel of an experienced attorney for matters related to labor regulations, employment policy and Los Angeles employment claims defense?

The responsibilities of managing a business are substantial and never-ending.  Every action you take in business creates a reaction, much as Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion predict.  Unfortunately, the results of your business decisions and practices are much less predictable than the laws of physics.

That’s why you need an experienced, reliable and dedicated attorney to provide proactive legal guidance in southern California and to defend your interests when your best-laid plans have unexpected consequences.

Los Angeles Employment Claims Defense and So Much More

Business owners and operators must be able to focus on day-to-day operations and getting the details of the job right.  As a Southern California employer defense attorney, Susan Rodriguez seeks to alleviate the legal pressure points of running a business.  The Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC can assist with many employment-related legal liabilities and issues.

PAGA claims defense and other Labor Code violation allegations

Employment class action lawsuits

California wage and hour employer defense

Retaliation complaints

Harassment and discrimination charges

Wrongful termination accusations

Employee theft and trade secret misappropriation

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) complaints

What to Expect from the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez

Our law firm provides accessible, individualized services for your specific legal needs.  Perhaps that means helping to define your company’s employment policy to guard against employment-related disputes and litigation, or maybe you need an employment lawyer with a proven track record for specific, pending litigation.  We can help here, there and most everywhere between.

01. Accessible Expertise

Litigation and other legal processes cost time and money and can cause much undue stress.  You shouldn’t have the added burden of not knowing if you will be able to reach your attorney or wondering when your legal team will call you back.  An experienced Southern California employer defense attorney will provide the knowledge and care needed to handle your case.

02.Individualized Approach

When you need employment claims defense in Los Angeles, it is important to find an attorney who caters to your needs.  Our personal approach allows us to get to know you and your company, which lends to the creation of a custom legal strategy.  Individualized service means we meet with you to identify your legal and business needs and then formulate a plan that maximizes success in both areas.

03. High-Altitude View

While our individualized approach to client service is razor-focused on you and your business, our clients also benefit from our high-altitude view of legal matters.

Los Angeles Employment Claims Defense: Accessible Knowledge When You Need It

Los Angeles employment claims defense attorney Susan A. Rodriguez is the team leader at our firm.  When you reach out to us, you won’t find a gatekeeper who restricts access to your attorney or an attorney who cannot answer your questions or address your concerns.  A Southern California wage and hour claims defense attorney and so much more, Susan is available to her clients to ensure they are comfortable with the claims process from start to finish.

Susan answers phones and meets with clients one-on-one because our priority is to bear the weight of your legal burdens.  When we respond to your needs, the load of your legal worries shifts to us, so you can get back to business.  Accessibility allows us to work with our clients to provide the best employment claims defense in Los Angeles.

An Individualized Approach To Employment Law and Employment Claims Defense in Los Angeles

Whether we’re assisting in policy creation or mounting a California wage and hour employer defense strategy, you can trust that our solutions are based on a thorough evaluation of your unique needs and situation.  Our law firm has a Southern California employer defense attorney that fits your needs no matter the claim.

A High-Altitude View That Considers Your Big Picture Throughout the Los Angeles Employment Claims Defense Process

Whether you’re engaged in PAGA claims defense, another specific area of California employment law or simply want proactive legal guidance, our firm will approach your current legal situation with a broad view that considers potential impacts on your future.

We have the experience in various aspects of California employment law and the deep knowledge of federal and state regulations that help ensure the outcomes of your current scenario are also the best outcomes for your continued success.

A Southern California Employer Defense Attorney Who Exceeds Your Expectations

With more than 30 years of employment litigation experience, Susan A. Rodriguez and her team know how to protect employers from the inevitable and the unlikely.  If you need a Los Angeles employment claims defense attorney, or otherwise would benefit from legal guidance on employment issues, reach out to the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC.  Call (213) 943-1323 or complete our online contact form today.


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