Southern California Employer Defense Blog

As a Los Angeles employer defense lawyer, Susan A. Rodriguez has a wealth of information to share.  Her Southern California employer defense blog provides a resource for businesses who want a better understanding of defense strategies, the underlying law related to lawsuits against them or a better understanding of what companies should look for in an attorney.

Covering various legal topics, Susan educates her readers on the intricacies of laws, rule changes and how employers can handle employee claims properly.  The blogs here strive to offer employers a better understanding of how employment law applies to their companies.

Susan A. Rodriguez Shares Her Knowledge in a Southern California Employer Defense Blog

With more than three decades of experience as an employer defense attorney in California, Susan has accumulated skills, strategies and a successful approach to defending companies.  She has extensive knowledge in various areas of employment law in California, including Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims and wage and hour class action defense.  Susan’s blogs provide companies with insight into the world of employer defense.

In addition to insights into how companies can manage existing claims, Susan also provides updates on laws and ways companies can mitigate future claims and lawsuits.  This blog is a must-read resource for companies in Southern California, no matter how big or small.

Topics in this Southern California Employer Defense Blog

Over the course of a legal career spanning more than 30 years, Susan’s clients have brought her a wide array of employment claims. This provides her with the knowledge and skill set to help any company better defend itself against existing or future claims. Susan’s blog covers the following topics and laws:

In addition to blogs on existing substantive law, Susan posts blogs on new and updated laws along with announcements about her firm.

A Southern California Employer Defense Blog Showing the Benefits of a Strong Attorney

At times, having an attorney may seem like overkill, especially when a claim seems straightforward or there is no claim yet.  However, Susan’s blogs demonstrate why having a strong attorney on your side is important.  An experienced Los Angeles employer defense lawyer can help companies in Southern California in the following ways and more:

  • Anticipating potential claims.
  • Enacting policies to prevent employee claims.
  • Handling employee claims from start to finish.
  • Understanding the intricacies of federal, state and local regulations.
  • Communicating with the court and plaintiff’s counsel.

While it is true that defendants may not be required to have an attorney for all matters, it is wise to work with one.  Through her blogs, Susan demonstrates how enlisting the services of a Los Angeles employer defense lawyer can benefit companies and the traits a company should look for when hiring an attorney.

EPLI Coverage in California

EPLI Coverage in California

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Finding the Right Los Angeles Employer Defense Lawyer

Choosing defense counsel can be an overwhelming process.  Without understanding the law, it is difficult for companies to know if an attorney has the knowledge required and if the lawyer’s skills match the business’s legal needs.

Fortunately, Susan’s blog educates companies on the law and how a skilled attorney can help them.  With this knowledge, companies can confidently hire the right attorney for them.

Susan puts the knowledge shared in this Southern California employer defense blog into practice daily, successfully defending companies from employer claims.  If you have questions about the Law Offices of Susan A. Rodriguez, APC or how Susan and her team can help your company, call (213) 943-1323 or complete this online contact form.


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